Tips for a Beautiful Winter Landscape

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Keep Your Yard Beautiful All Year Round in New Jersey

Winter is here and most of us will be confined indoors, with most activities being held there where it is all warm and cozy. However, this should not mean that our loans should be abandoned. A gloomy-looking landscaping will only make your winter more boring. Whether you live in West Orange, Millburn, Livingston and Short Hills, here are some tips, you can make an attractive lawn even during winter.

Clearing Fallen Leaves

Every few days, consider clearing your New Jersey lawn of leaves and debris. Doing so will ensure that enough sunlight penetrates to your plants. This is very important in the growth of your plants. Particularly, at these times when sunlight will be limited. Other than that, taking off fallen leaves will prevent your lawn from looking all dirty and unkempt. Livingston based Expert Plow & Landscape does a great job clearing leaves.

Trim your Trees and Hedges

You can keep your lawn looking attractive by pruning your trees and hedges. Winter comes with many elements including storms and in some areas it is accompanies by ice. These elements makes branches vulnerable to breaking. Particularly, if the branches are rotten or dead. To prevent damages done on your house and lawn, by falling trees, it is important that you contract a tree removal company. They have the expertise to know which branches will not survive winter. They also save you a lot of time and energy.

Take Care of Your Landscaping Constructions

Patios, decks and walkways help to add a curb appeal to our landscaping. If these constructions are not taken care of during winter, they could give in to the cold weather. Therefore, it is important that you conduct regular maintenance, clearing the fixtures of any debris, accumulated ice and water.


Invest in a high-quality mulch this winter season. Mulching is important in improving the aesthetics of your lawn. Other than that, mulching protects your plants from the harsh internet weather while promoting hydration, fertility and healthy growth.

Expert Plow & Landscape are experts at maintaining your lawn, all year round!

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